Communications & Works Department was established in 1979. Since establishment the Department is working to promote safe, sustainable, cost effective and environment friendly road infrastructure leading to socio-economic development. Following are attached Departments:

  3. Central Design Office (CDO).

AJ&K inherited 100-km black topped and 165 Km fair-weather road in 1947 whereas at present road network has extended to 8865 Km having road density of 0.66 km/ sq-km.


  • Civilization travels through roads.
  • Roads are the only mode of transportation in Azad Kashmir.
  • Road network under C&W in AJK has expanded to 8968 Km with road density 0.67 Kilometer per Kilometer square.
  • Socio-Economic development and realization of natural resource potential i.e Tourism, Hydro-Power generation, Mineral development¬† ¬†etc. largely depends on availability of modern road network.
  • Cultural trade, Commerce, Economic development and Social integration require well developed road network in AJK.
  • Agri products from Farm to Market moves through road.
  • Roads improve accessibility to socio-economic services, viz-a-viz Education, Health and other facilities.


  • Build and upgrade road infrastructure.
  • Building capacity for planning and implementation for road construction.
  • Gradual up-gradation & expansion of road network for realization of tremendous Tourism & Hydro Power Potentials.
  • Construction of new and up gradation of existing road links with Pakistan.
  • Up-gradation of Inter-District roads for social integration and fostering economic opportunities.
  • Construction & Maintenance of RCC, Bailey & Suspension Bridges.
  • Conversion of Fair-weather to all weather roads.
  • Environmental friendly road construction and maintenance.
  • Ensuring all weather access upto all villages.
  • Sustainable maintenance of road network asset.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and construction of Road Tunnels.
  • Construction and up-gradation of Airports.
  • Lowering road user cost by improving quality.
  • Reducing incidence of road traffic accidents by promoting road safety and travel convenience.
  • Building the capacity of road construction industry.
  • Building the capacity of C&W Department through provision of road clearing machinery to enable it to react
    effectively in case of natural disaster.
  • Establishment of Weighing Stations on all Entry Points with Pakistan to safeguard the roads.