Ghulam Bashir Mughal


The Communications and Works department has played an overwhelming important role in the construction, improvement and maintenance of road infrastructures in AJK. The department is still engaged with missionary spirit despite paucity of resources, capacity issue to overcome the gigantic challenges ahead.

The performance of the department can be gauged by the landmark achievements by its dedicated, professional and committed team owing to thier sheer commitment perseverance and unyielded resolve today we are having 2878 Km Major Mettelled Roads, 5413 Km Link Roads and 574 Km Fair weather Roads network in AJK, whereas on the eve of independence we had inherited only 100 Km mettelled and 165 Km fair weather roads.

The department under the dynamic leadership of the worthy Prime Minister and the honorable Minister for Communications and Works further resolves to translate the vision and mission of the present Government, and articulate the dreams, wishes and aspirations of the people of the State in executing the development agenda impartially and transparently for the betterment of State and its people. The department resolves to work honestly, delightly and with full might to provide the masses quality road network. The present portal is an endeavor to move towards transparency and honest utilization of public money and self accountability.

I hope that the present efficient and capable team of C&W would leave no stone unturned to face the contemporary challenges.