Salient Feature of ADP 2019-20

Salient Feature of ADP 2019-2020

  • Total ADP outlay of C&W sector for the year 2019-20 is Rs.9901.000 million. The C&W share for Financial Year 2019-20 is 40% of the total ADP.
  • It was planned to complete 61 road & bridge schemes (47 schemes in North, 13 in South) during FY 2018-19. Against these targets 36 schemes in North & 15 in South i.e. total 51 schemes have been completed during Financial Year 2018-19.
  • By allocating maximum funds to the projects at the advanced stage of progress, 59 schemes (33 in North, 25 in South) will be completed by June 2020
  • North Zone, about 195.23 Km link roads will be constructed and reconditioning of existing 170.73 Km major and link roads will also be undertaken. In Bridges, 110 meter RCC & 228.06 meter Bailey Bridges will be completed.
  • South Zone, about 119.63 Km length will be constructed and 205.32 Km roads will be upgraded. In addition to that RCC bridge schemes with total span of 300 meter will be constructed by end of next Financial Year.
  • In the next financial year Rs. 2803.664 million has been earmarked for following new initiatives.
  • Construction, Improvement & Reconditioning of 15-Km link roads per constituency for 29 electoral constituencies will be carried out.
  • Establishment of Weighing Stations on all Entry Points linking with Pakistan to safeguard the road pavement structure to ensure durability.
  • Remedial Measures to Address the Accidents Prone Spots on roads.
  • Improvement/Reconditioning of 35 Km Dudnyal-Kel road and improvement of Mirpur-Mangla road is also planned to be undertaken during next financial year.
  • Surveying & Geo-Tech. Investigation of roads & bridges and capacity building of material testing laboratory under CDO.