Communication & Works Department (C&W)

Our Mission

Develop and maintain the public road network infrastructure in a cost effective manner with a view to providing an accessible, reliable, efficient, safe, sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly transport system in AJK through a highly motivated and professional team.

our vision

To be the most competitive construction firm C&W in AJK insure to customer satisfaction by constantly building superlative quality of material, cutting-edge technology, timely completion and demonstrating the highest standards road network up to village level.

Communications & Works Department was established in 1979. Since establishment the Department is working to promote safe, sustainable, cost effective and environment friendly road infrastructure leading to socio-economic development. 

Following are attached Departments:

  3. Central Design Office (CDO).

AJ&K inherited 100-km black topped and 165 Km fair-weather road in 1947 whereas at present road network has extended to 8865 Km having road density of 0.66 km/ sq-km.